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What’s keeping you from achieving the growth you desire? At DBH we understand the daily struggles of executive leadership, and most importantly, we recognize the roadblocks that keep you from moving forward. DBH Consulting strategizes, facilitates, and energizes your team with a clear path to success.

Are you looking to invigorate your strategic planning process? Are you overwhelmed with a new leadership role or succession plan? Are you looking for action and not just a diagnosis? While no two engagements are exactly the same, DBH Consulting focuses on helping organizations succeed through three core strengths: strategy, executive transitions, and executive coaching.

What We Do

Corporate Strategic PlanningStrategy

Do you want to take your organization to the next level? Are you looking to bring clarity to your strategic planning? DBH Consulting’s industry experience coupled with stellar facilitation will help you achieve an actionable plan for growth.

DBH Consulting Executive TransitionsExecutive Transitions

Businesses are always in transition and no transition is more important than that of the chief executive.  Let us guide you through this monumental event to ensure your legacy is not only preserved but grows.

Executive Coach and Thinking PartnerExecutive Coaching

Some say it is lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be.  You have a trusted advisor and thinking partner in Demmie Hicks. She understands the pressures and the drive of chief executives and next-in-line leaders and offers a perspective that is backed with experience.

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    Founded almost 20 years ago, DBH Consulting has always had a main focus of helping clients achieve growth. Through close relationships with the C-suite executives, Demmie Hicks energizes leadership to achieve what they previously thought impossible.
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    Our bi-monthly newsletter will get you thinking in a new way through thought provoking articles laser focused for the C-suite execuitve. Demmie Hicks is a recognized thought leader and trusted advisor to CEOs needing a thinking partner and guide for companies and leaders in transition.
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    Demmie Hicks' article "Loosen the Family Ties" was recently featured in Property Casualty 360. This article focused on the challenges associated with developing leaders in an environment where a CEO must choose between a family member or an internal candidate as his or her successor.

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